Till Morn’s Early Rays

A flicker I started, lost and eager I roamed.
Afar the vast distance, a place to call home.
A battle, a plan, I must muster a choice.
First step is too heavy till echoes a voice:

“Come to me, come to me. I’ll light the way.
Gaze onward and upward toward morn’s early rays.
Fear not, I am with you till morn’s early rays.”

I’m standing and able, when I face the light;
A sinking abyss when I turn to storms fright.
Through crossroads or darkness, whenever I fall,
A hand and a voice urges me to this call:

“Come to me, come to me. I’ll light the way.
The shadows are fleeing from morn’s early rays.
The night’s frost will have lost to morn’s early rays.”

And when comes the morning, I hope that I’ll hear
That voice which did beckon, “Go forth without fear.
You struggled. You faltered. But now you are free
By heeding my voice to go forth without fear.”


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