My Manifesto

I believe that freedom and choice can lead to much chaos, destruction and death but that it can also lead to the creation of much beauty, goodness, and life.

I believe that a person’s Liberty is too precious of a gift to permit others to treat so lightly.

I believe that the condition of Liberty requires restraint and responsibility.

I believe that we, as individuals and communities, have the obligation to take care of each other through every moral means possible.


I believe that government cannot exist in peace if it acts as a positive force- granting special rights/privileges for particular groups/individuals while denying them for others.

I believe that government should exist exclusively as a negative force- to be a defense mechanism, protecting each individual equally—their life, liberty, and property.

I believe that rights are derived from God, not from government.

I believe that the creator is superior to the creation.  Since God created man, He is superior over him.  Since man created government, he is superior over it.

I believe that God-given rights include the right to life, the right and control of property and the peaceful free exercise of conscience; and that government may only deny these things justly to those who abuse the same for others.

I believe that people should only delegate to government the powers which they, themselves, would properly have in the absence of any governmental form.

I believe that individuals and societies should extend their ideologies by friendly example, not through manipulation, coercion, or force.

What do you believe?

One Response to My Manifesto

  1. Justin says:

    Anarchist! J/K. I look forward to reading your thoughts and completely agree with your Manifesto.

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